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Wetroom Conversions in Peterborough for the Elderly, Less-abled and Disabled

If there's one thing that's more distressing than anything else when we get older or become disabled, it's losing the ability to do the things we once did with ease. 

And top of that list for many is to be able to wash ourselves the way we're used to without needing some kind of external help, and being able to do that in the comfort of our own homes.

So top of the list of changes that need to be done in order to live a better life is the conversion, or adaptation, of an existing bathroom or shower space into a wetroom.




Many companies claim they offer conversions, but there's only a handful who specialise in them. This is because the issues with almost all bathrooms and shower rooms are many:

  • The shower may be a unit installed above a bath, in which case there will always be a step to traverse - getting into the bath itself, before the shower can be used.
  • Even if that's not too much of a problem, people with arthritis or who have issues with their hands can sometimes find it almost impossible to turn on the shower - or even to switch the bath tap unit from the tap position to the shower position.
  • If the bathroom contains a separate shower unit, this is usually an enclosed shower, and these are usually built on a shower tray. At a minimum, this can be quite hard to negotiate for people who have difficulty lifting their legs.
  • Whether the existing bathroom has an above the bath shower or an enclosed shower unit, the floor or base is usually slippery when wet - especially the bath - and even with a bath mat, it can present yet another obstacle and worry for those with less mobility.
  • Opening and closing the shower door to an enclosed shower can present difficulties for people who are finding it harder and harder to do such simple things which they once found easy.

Put all that together, and a wetroom makes perfect sense. So let's take a peek at what that could look like, and how easy or hard it may be to carry out the conversion.

Before we go there, a quick word about Eastern Adaptations, who are the specialist company in the area of mobility for the elderly, less-abled and disabled. If you would like a confidential chat about your own issues, a member of your family, or someone else who you want to help, just call them on 0800 955 8810 and they will be glad to offer advice at no cost including a site visit to ensure you get what you need and want.

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The size of your bathroom and the nature of any disabilities or mobility does tend to dictate what is possible, but, Eastern Adaptations go out of their way to ensure you're listened to.

This includes working with carers as well as professionals including occupational therapists. This is often the case when highly specialised equipment is required.

Speaking of which, specialist equipment for the less-abled and disabled can be hard to source, but Eastern Adaptations is a partner with the top mobility equipment manufacturers around the world, so you can rest assured that whatever your needs, they will ensure the right bathroom, showering and other bodily cleaning equipment is installed.

The key difference between a standard bathroom and a wetroom is the flooring. It will be flat throughout the whole bathroom. No steps, ridges or drops.

And most important of all, the covering must be slip-proof. Many bathroom fitters and standard builders have no idea how vulnerable people are too shoddy or badly designed flooring, so it is paramount that the company you choose understands this.

Another aspect is that it's no longer necessary to enclose the showering facilities. That means there's no steps and no door to hinder your access.

If the bathroom area is relatively small, you may prefer to include a shower screen to prevent spray affecting other parts of the bathroom.

Depending on your mobility, various support devices can be installed - and not just within the shower area, but everywhere it's necessary. These include handhold grips and rails placed at the exact height you need them.

Companies like Eastern Adaptations ensure this height is correct for each individual they install wetrooms for. And if there's more than one person who needs to access the facilities, that's taken into account as well.

Other adaptations and equipment include shower seats with safety rails. These can be static units or on wheels, whichever is more convenient.

For more specialist conversions, hoists and lifts may be necessary, but this is all within the scope of a specialist bathroom conversion company like Eastern Adaptations.

If you'd like to find out more and schedule an appointment for a visit, or just want to explore your options with a friendly chat to an expert, call Eastern Adaptations on 01733 785 733

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Eastern Adaptions Easy Access Shower in Wetroom
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