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Wetrooms are not only the latest and most convenient way of washing, but they are also the most accessible style of bathroom, ideal for individuals with limited mobility and those that require wheelchair access.

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Our wetrooms offer the perfect solution for those clients looking to fully future proof and ensure their bathrooms are suitable whatever unforeseen changes occur with regards to mobility needs and requirements.

With our stylish range of anti-slip safety flooring options, shower panelling or wall tiling you don’t have to compromise on the design and aesthetics of the bathroom.

Case Study

Mr & Mrs G came to us after having had a bath taken out and a new shower put in just 3 years previous. Mr G’s mobility was rapidly decreasing and starting to struggle getting in and out of the shower even with the tiny lip.


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Turning an entire room into a safe and practical showering area is recognised by our closely worked with care professionals as the complete solution. Providing a safe showering experience.

Wetrooms can have safety accessories installed to make your showering experience much easier. Our assessors will discuss these important features with you in detail.

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Enjoy our high-end products and flawless fittings with a 1 year warranty on all of our installations, included alongside the product manufacturer’s guarantee.

What Our Customers Say


As an Occupational Therapist working at St Helena, our priority is to help an individual maintain their independence and achieve their goals. It is so rewarding to have a positive outcome and in the case of Mrs Smith, being able to stay in her own home was her main priority. It was a pleasure working with you.

Mrs Smith
Occupational Therapist


Eastern Adaptations did my mum's bathroom into a wet room for her. The work was excellent, and the workmen were polite, helpful and professional. I would recommend their service to anyone else needing adaptations to their property. Excellent workmenship and always at the end of the phone to speak too.
Denleigh, the person in charge of the work, was always polite and helpful and chasin up any problems that needed sorting. Out of a scale of 1 to 100, I would rate them 100%. My mym how has a wonderful, modern new wet room to use and enjoy thanks to the marvelous work done by Eastern Adaptations.

Mrs F Kightley


Excellent service and very well. Pleased with the work and will recommend you to anyone that asks.

Mr Court

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