Hoists provide a great way to transfer somebody with limited mobility without putting unnecessary strain on the carer or the person being moved. Our range of hoists offers solutions whatever the space available and ensures that whatever the situation we can provide a transfer solution.

Hoists provide a mechanical means by which a less able person can be moved or transferred from one place or position to another.

You may require a hoist when the act of moving you puts too much strain on your care, or on yourself and there is a risk of harm.

Ceiling Track

Ceiling track hoists ensure a safe, quick way of transfer. They run along permanently fixed tracks so they do not occupy floor space as a mobile hoist does. They also may be operated by the user independently which isn’t possible with any floor standingsystem. These are designed and installed by our very own team of equipment specialists.


Gantry Hoists are a more portable alternative to a ceiling track hoist. This is particularly suitable for situations where a hoist is required in a particular place for a short amount of time. These hoists can come with different span widths from 2-5 metres.


Mobile hoists are the most common type of hoists and can be used in different situations and potentially every room in the houseand even in and out of the car. Being self-contained units, mobile hoists don’t require any track installation, offering flexibility ofuse. These are easily transportable and can be moved from room to room if required.

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