Level Access Showers

A Level Access Shower is an invaluable solution that makes washing much more accessible for those with limited mobility. The design eliminates the use of a step up or lip up to the shower, making entering and exiting simple, without the need for any difficult movements. The chance of any trips or falls is drastically reduced, so you can be sure to cleanse with ease and peace-of-mind.

Shower with a shower seat

Here at Eastern Adaptations, we cater to a variety of customers with all levels of mobility restrictions. From Children through to the Elderly, we make showering simple and relaxing for those with limited mobility. Our Specialists Assessors are highly experienced in the field and can supply and install the right, level access shower for you own home.

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Whatever the shape or size of your washroom, we have the experience and skill to build something flawless and functional. Make your day-to-day life just that bit easier with the right adaptations. With a 1 year warranty on all installations, including the product manufacturer guarantee, you can’t go wrong.

Eastern Adaptations offer their services throughout the UK. To learn more about Our Services or to book a site assessment, get in touch today, we’d love to hear from you.

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