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Specialist Bathroom To Wetroom Conversions For The Less-abled, Disabled and Elderly

This is the story of Frances Carpenter, aged 9, who needed a new bathroom.

Frances' mother contacted us in November last year. She explained that Frances has muscular dystrophy, and that their existing bathroom was no longer adequate for her needs.

18 months earlier, Frances' mother begun the process of applying for a Disabled Facilities Grant. But these things take time, which is unfortunate when all you're concerned about is a better life for the one you love. It can be very frustrating.

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There are also important pitfalls you need to know about before you apply for a grant like this, which is why a call to our specialist team will help you avoid costly mistakes (like starting building work before your application is approved).

Luckily, they had a friend who works for SafeLocalTrades (the Peterborough based consumer advisor service supported by the council, Cambs police and other community care services) who recommended Eastern Adaptations.

Kevin Carvell, the founder and managing director of Eastern Adaptations carried out the initial assessment (this is a free service - call FREEPHONE 0800 211 8922) and a plan for the project was laid out.

The works included door widening, ceiling track hoists, grab rails and other equipment.

Eastern Adaptations partners with all the recognised major suppliers of specialist bathroom equipment, so this was accomplished quickly.

Kevin also showed how they could help manage the entire project from start to finish, which was a huge help to Frances' parents as they already had enough on their plate with the care of their daughter.

Dealing with a single company who give you a dedicated project manager gives you peace of mind as it minimises the stress of a build and ensures that things get done on time and to the highest standard (no chasing after different people or taking time off work only to find that the contractors fail to show up).

With the assessment done, the estimate was drawn up and finalised with the DSG and the application was successfully granted.

In fact, it only took around 6 weeks from the original assessment by Eastern Adaptations to the finished works, with final approval and sign-off from the Occupational Therapist and the Council DFG Department 5 weeks later on the 4th February.

We can tell you that Frances is delighted with the outcome (as are her loving parents). She told us she'd send a card, which she did, and that is what you can see above.

If you have a loved one in need of a bathroom adaptation to make their lives simpler and less stressful, contact Eastern Adaptations today. We'll talk you through everything you need to know. The number to call is FREEPHONE: 0800 211 8922

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